2024 Summer Tournament

Our Summer 2024 Tournament will run July 8-12, 2024.

Rules and Bracket information below.

2024 Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament will be managed via TourneyMachine. Apps are available on Apple and Play Stores.  Search for “GGSA Summer 2024 Tournament” – https://tourneymachine.com/R148622
  2. Format – 8U is single elimination, 10U/13U/18U are a double elimination bracket.
  3. Locations – We will utilize Oregon Trail Park Fields 1, 2, 4 and 5, Carpenter Center North, and Mitchell for game play.
  4. Game Length – 70 Minutes, finish the inning (All Age Groups). A new inning will start if there is ANY time remaining on the clock. 
  5. Run Rules – 15 runs after 2 innings, 10 runs after 3 innings, 8 runs after 4 innings or 6 runs after 5 innings.
  6. There are 3 game time slots each night. 5:45PM, 7:00PM and 8:15PM.   Teams will not be given on-field time for warm-ups, please be ready to go immediately.
  7. If using a sub, that was NOT on your regular season roster:
    • May ONLY be used if your team does not have the required 9 players on your roster.
    • They cannot be a member of a different team in the same age group within the tournament, unless their team has been eliminated.
    • They MUST play outfield and bat last in the order.
    • They CANNOT play Pitcher.
    • You can utilize players from lower age groups, but not older.
  8. Teams may use free substitution and bat your entire order, or choose to play with 9 and use substitution.
    • No DP/Flex.
  9. 10U – Will utilize the “continuation” rule. This will allow a team who has put the ball in play to score more than 5 runs, until stopped defensively.    A defensive stop can be constituted by a defensive player with the ball standing in the baseline with the ball and put their hands up.   This will stop the play on that baseline.
    • For example, if bases are loaded, with 4 runs having scored, if the ball is put in play, the batting team can score as many runs as possible on that play, for a MAX of 8, if all 4 base runners score.
    • Example 2 – A 5th run scores, and the catcher has the ball and stands on the baseline between home and 3rd, the play is dead. No tag or force is necessary.
  10. 10U – If a coach is required to pitch to complete an at-bat, no dropped 3rd strike will be in play.
  11. If score is tied, and time expires, we will utilize a tie-breaker rule.
    • At the start of each new half-inning, a runner will be placed on 2nd If batting all players, this will be the player who made the last out during the previous inning.   If using subs, the runner must be one of those subs.
  12. Medals and Plaques will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams in all age groups.
  13. If the loser of the championship game, is the team’s first loss, an “IF” game will be played Friday evening to determine the Champion.
  14. Unless otherwise noted, all other regular season rules apply.
About Us

Gering Girls Softball Association

COACHES ONLY: To schedule practice time at Oregon Trail Park, you MUST reserve the time using the field scheduler, which can be found at https://schedule.geringgirlssoftball.com.  You will have to create an account to use the application.

Player parents do not need to create an account on the scheduling application.

You may schedule any available timeslot on Fields 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 until  games start.

Field 3, 4 and 7 are exclusively for baseball.

A field map can be found here:

Softball is Coming!

Practices starting soon

Season Information

Registration for 2023 will be open from February 13-April 21, 2024.

Registration Fees

T-Ball is $35 per player, 8U registration fees are $45 per player, 10U, 13U and 18U are $65 per player

Team / League Communications

All League and Team communications will be done via TeamSnap, available via the Apple App Store ang Google Play Store.

Softball is Coming

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